GinSpecialist is here is now live and offering all of our 350+ gins alongside our exclusive Gin & Juice signature glassware delivered to your door. It's Gin & Juice at home. Check out what's on offer today!

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Brunch on the Rooftop


All day brunch at Bristol Gin & Juice


Can you handle the heat


Celebrate Beaujolais Day at Gin & Juice Mumbles

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Coffee Barker, Cardiff
Coffee Barker

Eclectic, continental and comfortable. Inspired by New York City's West Village and the grand caf├ęs of Paris.

Rum & Fizz
Rum and Fizz, Cardiff
Rum & Fizz

The spirit of NYC is alive & well where you'll find speciality rums, Prosecco and Champagne for drinks.

Barker Tea House
Barker Tea House, Cardiff
Barker Tea House

Exquisite afternoon teas, splendid brunches, lunches & breakfasts. We cordially invite you, to relax.

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